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What a life would be if you have a genuine copy paste jobs to work at home , after having 3 year of experience in online jobs outsourcing so many people request us bring back online copy paste jobs . In the response of so many people, CYBER EXPO introduces FREE Copy Paste Jobs from Home. Yes you have discovered right website. Here you can start free online jobs without investing a single bucks so let get started-

Ctrl+C and Clrl+V are the short cut way to make copy paste. As its non-technical jobs and so easy to work we are facing so many difficult to make copy paste work available to everyone. The major problem is to outsource such genuine project that can be done by only copy paste jobs, additionally very likely we are looking for bulk data so than lot of people can get beneficiary from CYBER EXPO. when we decided to make our copy paste internet as free This is the second challenge that we face, what we found  there is so many website offer Copy Paste Jobs Join Free, few of them are real and few are scam , but they always asked for high amount of registration fees , registration fees always help work from home jobs provider an extra benefits to manage entire project  idiot-proof. Hence we solve everything and get ready to provide free copy paste jobs in all over the India with 5 starts rated customer support.

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Fundamental difference between ad posting jobs and Copy Paste Jobs?

Before we get started we have search so many time on Google to find out which type of data jobs is likely available to work as copy paste jobs, we found instead of providing genuine copy paste work most of the online jobs website offer ad posting jobs and make people convinced to sing up in classified ad posting jobs. But my dear friend this is not fear, ad posting jobs and copy paste jobs is not to be same. This is big confusion running into people mind, so let clear both of them first-

What exactly Copy Paste jobs means?

First asked yourself why you like to join in copy paste jobs, The simple answer is – you want to work in a platform where you get paid for doing copy paste only. So most likely the best explain about copy paste jobs is you have few blank fields and some data (may be in Ms-excel or work) to copy. After copying data you suppose to paste it into the given blank fields. Here 100% of work can be done by copy and paste. Some of form filling jobs may be are in the same group of copy paste jobs because you have to copy data from one field to another. Also excel data processing jobs, work to PDF converting jobs, html tagging jobs are also in the same group.  So it’s ideal to work from your home even in offline.

  • Standards Payment: Rs-1.50/- to Rs-2.50/- per entry.
  • Required Internet? No, it can be done offline.
  • Time Per Entry: 1 minute



What an exactly ad posting job means?

Ad posting jobs is very much Online Jobs , you can’t work here without being connected on the web. It’s not pure copy paste , if you sing up for doing classified ad posting jobs you have to follow those steps-

Step1: Download classified website list.

Step2: Download ad mater or ads content. (Use to published in classified website)

Step3: Connect your PC to the internet and open few classified website into your browser.

Step4: Now click on post ads button or submit your ad button.

Step5: Copy everything from your ad mater and fill out the classified add new listing page. Make sure to paste data as per requirement and in suitable way. [This is the one part ,you suppose to use copy paste skill , instead of add new listing page fill up everything required other technical skill , so it’s not that copy paste jobs , You deserve]

Step 6: Upload photo for your ads and click on publish your ads button , all done save the ULR where the is published for public , now let your Internet jobs company know you have done your work by sending work report.

Oh , Man this so much confusing and so many thing to do for posting an single ads , this is not look like a simple copy paste jobs , So we hope you have understand properly what is the deference between a simple non –technical copy paste jobs vs. complex technical ad posting jobs.


Copy Paste Job Testimonials:

  1. Copy and Paste No Startup Cost for new internet jobs seeker.
  2. World’s easiest non –technical jobs.
  3. Ideal for students, housewife and retired person.
  4. Who does not about “How do copy paste on windows” I guess you are so, your simple copy paste skill is enough is get started.
  5. Ideal for new started on Internet jobs.
  6. Offline Jobs can be worked into old PC also.
  7. Work anywhere anytime.
  8. Free for India, subjected to number of vacancy.
  9. Payment available in Daily base.
  10. No scam, you are not being asked any money to register.
  11. No a earn money quickly scheme or fly by night operation.

What Type of Data I have to Copy and paste?

  1. Excel to word Copy Paste Jobs:
  2. Word to PDF Copy Paste jobs:
  3. Visual basic /Visual studio form copy paste jobs:
  4. HTML form testing jobs:
  5. Invoice generating jobs:
  6. Online customer data copy jobs:

Type of Copy Paste jobs available in India? Awareness Alert:

Don’t confused copy paste jobs as ad posting jobs , we already talk about how default to post ad into classified website , Here We in CYBER EXPO offer up to Rs-10/- on per ad posting (know more about Smart A plan – daily work daily payments) but the same work you have work in many copy paste jobs provider company by the exchange of Rs-1.50/- to Rs-2.50/- (This is Disgusting) , this is not enough – you might be surprised to know that almost 80% of copy paste work are hidden with classified adverting jobs. So be careful while you are going to register any website.

Here is few quick steps that help you to determined how to get real copy paste work instead other jobs-

  1. Make sure to check demo jobs.
  2. Never join any copy paste work that you supposed to work for posting free ads in classified website.
  3. Never be so hypnotizing, remember any get rich quick scheme might be scam, the average payment would be Rs-1.50/- to Rs-2.50/- for a genuine copy paste jobs.
  4. Check company reporting method and don’t forget to ask whether the work can be done without internet connection.
  5. CYBER EXPO offer both Online and offline copy paste jobs, but we always recommend to goes with offline copy paste jobs if you are really a non-technical person.

Why Copy Paste Jobs?

  1. If you search for Internet Jobs there is so several type of copy paste jobs available for you , there is some positive reason to choice this jobs and some Toxic reason not choice it –
  2. Most probably a Copy paste job is the world’s best simple jobs that we ever heard about it.
  3. No need any High Speed an Internet connection, you can work offline.
  4. You can work in daily, weekly or monthly payment plan.
  5. No ways to get cancel your work just because of spelling mistakes.
  6. You can start these jobs by registering into an Indian company; it has made your communicating better. (In Hindi or regional language)

Who can work in Online Copy Paste Jobs?

No Doubt Online Copy paste work is the best choice for those who are looking for simple online jobs. We recommend students; housewife and retired person to get engage to work in copy paste jobs. But before you decided to Join here , You must confirmed to be a good skills on windows operating , well know the basic keyboard shortcuts , good communication skills , at list in Hindi. Ultimately if you thing you not much comfortable with long term technical skills they obviously it’s a good choice.

How to get genuine Copy paste Jobs in India?

This the most confusing and complicate question that mostly asked to CYBER EXPO customer care, so honest how to get a genuine copy paste jobs in India? Let’s answer this question in two ways –

You can trust CYBER EXPO for free Copy paste work , well as CYBER EXPO now offering Copy paste jobs in free so you can definitely trust here. By the way we understand getting a real data jobs on internet is not as easy as we say, hence we have 10 reasons why you trust and sing up in CYBER EXPO online jobs.

You can use Google advance search and get register to those websites are register and running work from home jobs since 3-5 year back.

Why Choice CYBER EXPO’s Copy Paste work?

  1. CYBER EXPO is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified.
  2. You can start ad posting jobs in free. We never asked any registration fees so no way that you could get scammed.
  3. You can get daily, weekly and monthly payment.
  4. You have 10:30 am -06:30 pm customer care support, is not awesome.
  5. We have live remote access support via Team viewer and Show my PC.
  6. You have member area access to get tracked while you are in working online copy paste jobs.
  7. You don’t need to visit our office to submit your offline copy paste work. Simple got online and upload your data using out PTP account.

What we provide to our Copy paste work member’s account?

  1. Free members are in CYBER EXPO.
  2. 1 Year of validity –m you have work freedom to earned without investment.
  3. Lot of video training.
  4. Free PDF E-books for learn how to earn money online.
  5. Customer care support and live chat directly from your member’s area.

Basic Requirement for Online Copy Paste work?

Windows PC, 2G or 3G internet connection, Drop box account (Don’t worry its free)

Offline Copy paste work-

Any Windows PC with CD/DVD Drive.

How much I can earn in CYBER EXPO Copy paste jobs?

As it’s a non-technical job so your earning is depend on your work. Instead of other Internet jobs, Copy paste jobs look quite simple, so you have to hard, invest more time to earn decent enough. If you really manage to get register in a genuine Online Jobs provider company, then you can expect 2,000/ INR- – 6,000/- INR per month.

Business Opportunity – Tips to start your own Copy Paste Work Company-

CYBER EXPO Special Offer Sign Up Bonus Rs-299/-

Now, let’s get back to business, shall we?

You probably very interested to know about “Is this true that CYBER EXPO now offer Special Offer in copy paste jobs with Sign Up Bonus Rs-299/-? “  Yes typically it’s true; this opportunity will be available for our very first 100 customer who can get register in for free copy paste jobs. Also we will provide Bonus of Rs-299/- into your account. (The minimum account withdraw limit will be Rs-1000.00 INR)

How it’s come to know that you are eligibility for free jobs?


CYBER EXPO server will automatically apply a free promo code for our first 100 new member’s , hence In case you have missed to fill out the application form or trouble apply free promo coded you can use this manual promo code over here – [Free promo code- CEI2016MARCPJ]

Copy Paste Jobs Plan and Pricing:

You have everything in Copy paste jobs; get start earned by starting daily, weekly and monthly payment.

Which One is a better Copy paste job without investment or Paid Copy Paste work?

Instead of free online jobs, CYBER EXPO has premium copy paste jobs for professional people, very likely you will get more support and instead email reply as soon as you need help. Also you have Dedicate support and your membership will be marked as feature. The free copy paste work account holder can’t work more than one people , but premium account holder can work as group and able to work up to 3 (three) people at a time.

Read why should you must register for premium copy paste work account in CYBER EXPO?

  1. Premium Support, more priority than regular free customer.
  2. M2M Customer support.
  3. Bonus on achieving decent target.

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  2. After Register Procedure for existing members –
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  4. Copy Paste Jobs – software review and how can I use it?
  5. Is this Jobs Available for International members?
  6. Still worry about Online Jobs scam?
  7. Limitation of Online/Offline Copy paste jobs?
  8. Is Copy Paste Jobs and Ad Posting jobs is same?
  9. Advantages and Disadvantages of Copy paste jobs:

Term of Service Agreements: Before Decided to Sing up for any copy paste jobs service power by CYBER EXPO or make sure to read all term of service carefully. Once you have sing up for any freelance jobs by CYBER EXPO – means you are completely agree to our Term of Service , Privacy policy , declaration and Refund policy.

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