5 Genuine data entry jobs in India make payment on Time

5 Genuine data entry jobs in India make payment on Time

Are you hungry to find a genuine data entry jobs in India? No question to be asked that it’s a too difficult to find a Genuine data entry jobs. But you can consider below tricks and review to find your goal. So let’s get started…

 1. Join CYBER EXPO (Free):

CYBER EXPO is one of the genuine online jobs providers since 2008. They have a great support system. Almost 500 plus online freelancer works are working with them. The reason for I advise to Join CYBER EXPO for data entry jobs is because they have Data Entry outsourcing business. That means if anyone/company need outsource their data entry project they can Choice CYBER EXPO for That. The only way you can get paid to a data entry jobs Provider Company by their incoming outsourcing data processing business.


2. Sing Up on adpostjob4u.com (Paid):

adpostjob4u.com is a business website of CYBER EXPO. You can register for online data entry jobs. It’s an easy and simple way to earn money by typing online. After registering here you have login into your member area. You have to Click start work and type what appearing in front of your screen. It will 6-8 line paragraph After completing your typing you have to submit your work online. It takes 3 to 6 hours to proofreading your work any you will get paid as per your niche of work.

Read More about adpostjob4u.com data entry jobs:

Genuine data entry jobs in India by All money tips

3. Create Profile on Freelance.com(Free):

Freelance.com is the biggest place find part time freelance jobs from your home. You have to just create a free profile here. After that update your resume by Describing which type of work did you required! After a few hours, you will start receiving email alert base on your Jobs requirement, apply as much as possible and soon your get your data entry jobs confirmation over the Freelance.com.

Sing Up for Free Data Entry Jobs in Freelance.com

4. Search for Genuine data entry jobs outsourcing:

It’s a smart trick that some people used to search Data Entry outsourcing project provider and locate the company those are currently involving on running data entry project. You can easily get the contact number of real data entry jobs provider company name from them.

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5. Join in Data Entry form filling work:

Try to search Data Entry form Filling work rather than data entry jobs or online typing jobs. It’s always more trusted and genuine to register for Data Entry form filling work or data Posting Jobs. There are so many ebook typing projects now day scamming people money, so instead, you can get legitimate typing jobs as a form filling projects.

6. BSNL Data Entry jobs:[2017 Hot]

Genuine Data Entry jobs BSNL Genuine Data Entry Jobs

BSNL is one of the biggest telecom operators in India, Unlikely BSNL Facing out of employee problems for last 5 year, so there are regularly putting tender into their website on various projects and entry work. So you can keep an eye on BSNL websites and win a job opportunity to work as a freelancer to India biggest telecom operator.

Find BSNL Data Entry tender Now 🙂

Quick Tips to get success to find genuine data entry jobs:

  1. Always Try to Join for Data Entry form filling work. It has more reliability and High payment rates.
  2. Try to work on those companies who are offered Govt. Project for data entry work.
  3. Avoid those companies are offering offline data entry work. Previously we have an experience that those companies offer offline data entry project are 95% of fake.
  4. Avoid if any company has a deadline of a time limit for work submission. Like 1000 Pages in 25 days. If you can notice that the project is quite difficult to complete with the given time then it’s better to avoid. It’s May game plan to beat you by the time limited.

What do you think about it? Did you find genuine data entry jobs using our Tips? Do you have any more idea that you want to share? Let me know in the comment box!

That’s is! Now let me which genuine data entry jobs you prefer to sing up? Let us know if you know any more data entry jobs that make you payment on time! Also, try 6 Genuine Offline Data Entry Jobs Without Investment [GOVT. APPROVED]

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  10. My self Nihar, I stay in vadodara Gujarat in India. I am looking for Genuine offline data entry work (without registration or investment fee). I am have computer knowledge & am MBA.
    My typing speed is 25 W P.M. & have good English knowledge.

    Companies can contact me @ 8485906533 or even mail me up at id: nihar_panda1973@rediffmail.com